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What is Bulk KIT mapping? How to do bulk kit mapping?

A quick step by step guide to bulk kit mapping in SelluSeller. 

If the KITs are already created on marketplace and your connect the marketplace with SelluSeller, individual SKU from that KIT will get synced in SelluSeller.

You need to map these KITs in SelluSeller using the bulk kit mapping file.

1) Sign into SelluSeller. Go to the 'Catalogue' tab.

2) Click on the upward arrow (Bulk Actions) button. Go to the 'Bulk kit mapping' option.

   Click on the download file option.

bulk kit download file

3) Update all the required details in the excel file. Go to 'Bulk kit mapping' under the Bulk actions tab. Click on the 'Upload' button.

upload button bulk kit

4) A pop window appears for uploading the file. Import the updated details file and click on 'Upload'.

upload bulk kit

Hope this answers your question.

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