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How can I list a new kit of products on the marketplace of my choice?

A quick guide to list a new kit of products on any marketplace.

You can easily list a new kit of products on a marketplace of your choice through SelluSeller.

1) Sign into SelluSeller. Go to the 'Catalogue' tab.

Add product button

2) Click on the 'Add Product' button. The basic information page appears.

kit product-1

3) Select 'Kit' from the product type list.

4) In Step 1, fill in all the basic details and upload the images. Then click on 'Save as Draft' to save the details.

5) In Step 2, select all the marketplaces that you want to list the kit on and the respective categories. 

step 2 group product

6) Click on 'Start Listing' to list the kit on the marketplaces.

Hope this answers your question.

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