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How to add Shipping Method?

A quick guide to add shipping method in OMS. 

In Anchanto OMS, you can easily add a particular shipping method of your choice for a particular marketplace.

  1. Sign into Anchanto OMS, go to the 'Integration' tab.

  2. Click on the 'Ecommerce channel' tab. Click on 'View details' on the ecommerce channels for which you wish to add a shipping method.

  3. The ecommerce channel details page opens. Under 'Shipping Carriers Information', you can view all the shipping details. Click on 'Add New' button to add a shipping carrier.

4. To add new carrier

  • Select the 'Shipment Type'- Lets you select the type of shipment

  • Select the 'Shipping Carrier'- Lets you select a shipping carrier of your choice.

  • Select the 'Payment Mode'- Lets you assign the carrier according to the mode of payment.

  • Select the 'Make it default shipping carrier' option if you want to make this carrier a default carrier.

5. Click on 'Assign Shipping Methods'  button to complete the process.

For Non-integrated shipping carriers:

  • You can also add a shipping carrier that is not integrated with OMS by requesting your Account Manager.

  • It will reflect under the 'Shipping carrier' option after it is created at the back-end. Follow the above procedure to add it to your marketplace.

For Shipping carriers integrated with OMS:

  • Go to the 'Integrations' tab. Then click on 'Shipping Carrier Management'

  • Click on 'SelluSeller Integrated (3PL)' button. A list of all shipping carriers that are integrated with SelluSeller appears.  Ensure that they are connected with SelluSeller.

  • You can view these carriers under the 'Shipping Carrier' option in the details page of the e-commerce channels.

  • Follow the above process for adding this to your required marketplace.

Note : The order must have the shipping carrier marked as "Default" to avoid being categorized as "Not Ready to Fulfill". Once added, OMS does not allow to remove the carrier. This helps the system to maintain accurate tracking and smoother processes.

Note : If in the dropdown if the shipping type, shipping carrier is not available then raise it to to create it from the backend 

Hope this answers your question.  

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