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How can I create Promotions?

Promotions in OMS are a great way to apply discounts, free gifts, and combos to the sales channel. 

Here is a quick run-through on how you can create a promotion for the marketplace and otherwise through your OMS account. 

  1. Promotion Tab: Go to Promotion Tab in the OMS dashboard.

  2. Promotion Page: You will then be led to our Promotions page where you can see all your active promotions and even create new promotions. 

  3. Create Promotion: You can create a new promotion by clicking on the “Create Promotion” button on the top right corner of the page. 

  4. Select Promotion Type: You can now select a promotion type that suits you the best. We will tell more about each type of promotion in other articles.

  5. Press Submit: Once you have filled all the necessary fields for the promotion click done. 

  6. Promotion Dashboard: You can now see your created promotions and their status on the promotions page. 

  7. Promotion Details: To get more details about the promotions you can simply click on the promotion ID.

  8. Filters: You can filter the promotions by sales channel or promotions criteria. You can also view the promotional list by list view that is by default or by calendar view.

  9. Bulk Creation: You can also create promotions for multiple products at the same time. Just download the template, fill out the necessary fields and import the sheet through the bulk actions button.

Promotions page final

We have the following promotions:

  • Percentage Discount: Use this when you want to apply percentage value of Selling Price of product(s) as Discount. e.g. 10% discount on all Apparels.
  • Absolute Discount: Use this when you want to apply fixed value of Selling Price of product(s) as Discount. e.g. $20 discount on all Apparels.
  • Gift with Purchase: Use this when want to give away a product free on purchase of other product in any combination. e.g. BUY 02 Phones GET 01 Spreaker free.
  • Pre-booking Promotion: Use this to start collecting pre-orders for a product even if you don't have inventory yet. This can be used when you are launching new products and want to pre-book orders for the same. e.g. Pre-orders for mobile phone before nationwide launch on 10th December
  • Flash Sale: Use this to allocate available stock to individual sales channels.
    e.g. If you have 10 units of a product, you can dedicate 8 units for channel X and the remaining 2 for rest all the channels.

Click on respective promotion button which you wish to create.

Types of Promotions

3. Enter Promotion Name, select criteria, select Products and enter Promotion Description. For instance: Criteria: Categories.

4. Now you can select Marketplace for which you want to apply this promotion. Select start date, Start time, end date and end time. Based on selected criteria, select the category. You can also select more that one category.

NOTE: The promotions are not able to start on the next moment at same day, you’re required to add minimum 5 Minutes on the promotion start time and it will

automatic start on time after

5. Enter the discount value and click on the 'Create Promotions' button.

6. You will receive confirmation message that Promotion is successfully created.

7. List of all the promotions that you have created with their current status will be available under promotions module as shown in below screenshot.

Note : 

It is not possible for the user to create vouchers for any sales channels using the OMS UI.

Please find below the attached video link for your reference -

Hope this answers your question.

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