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How to create Flash Sale Promotion?

A step by step by guide to create Flash Sale Promotion in SelluSeller.  

To create promotion in SelluSeller,

1. Login to SelluSeller and go to the 'Promotions' tab. Click on the 'Create Promotion' button.

Promotions page final

2. Click on the 'Flash Sale' button.

Flash Sale: Use this promotion to allocate available stock to individual sales channels. 

For e.g- If you have 10 units of a product, you can dedicate 8 units for channel X and the remaining 2 for rest all the channels.

Flash Sale

3. Enter Promotion Name and Promotion Description. Promotion Criteria will be default Items.

4. Select the Marketplace for which you want to apply this promotion. Select start date, Start time, end date and end time.

5. Search for the CSKU, the product name, mapped iSKU and available stock will appear. You can allocate stock to respective selected marketplace for this promotion.

6. Click on 'Add' to add the product, you can also add more products under same promotion.

7. Click on 'Create Promotion' once you add all products inside the promotion.

8. You will receive confirmation message that Promotion is successfully created.

9. To check Flash Sale applied SKU, you can apply Flash Sale Promotion filter under catalogue. 3 stock is allocated to Lazada and remaining 4 stock will be visible for rest of the marketplaces where ever the product is listed.


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