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How can I view Business Overview on SelluSeller?

A quick guide to check out business overview on SelluSeller Dashboard

To view your Business Overview in SelluSeller.

  • Login to SelluSeller. You will automatically land on the 'Dashboard' where you can view all your Business or Sales Overview.

  • We have divided the Dashboard into the following sections:

  1. Things to do: All your daily actionable items are visible here. You can view everything from your orders to your promotions under this section.

  2. Total Sales Overview: You can check the revenue generated for selected filter.

  3. Total Sales by Store: You can view Marketplace wise revenue generated based on Base Currency or Multi Currency.

  4. Sales by Location: Graphical representation of sales by locations.

  5. Sales by Promotion: Graphical representation of sales by promotion.

  6. Current Inventory Stock Value: Bar graph representation for current inventory stock value.

  7. Top Selling Products: Lists the top 5 selling(Max units sold) products.

  8. Top Selling Categories: Lists the top 5 performing categories.

  9. Top Selling Brands: Lists the top 5 selling brands.

  10. Total Orders: Graphical representation of total orders over time.

  11. Total Cancel Orders: Graphical representation of total cancel orders.


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