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How to get API Keys for Shopify?

Procedure to get API credentials from Shopify to connect with Anchanto OMS (SelluSeller)

To get the API keys-

Step 1. Login to your Shopify Account and click on 'Settings' and 'Apps and Sales Channels'

Step 2. Click on 'Create an app'.

Step 3. Input the App name as 'Anchanto OMS' and click on 'Create app'

Step 4. Click on Configuration tab and then click on ' Configure' option available for 'Admin API Integration',

Step 5. Assign the write access to all API permissions that are available on this page. Incase if the write access is not available then assign the read access and click on Save button.

Note: These permission are required to create/update the products, update the inventory and order status to your Shopify store using API. Some permission will not be used when they 

Step 6.  Once you give the needed permission and click on Save button, you need to click on the 'Install app' option  

Step 7. After installing app, you can copy the following credentials and use them while connecting the Shopify store with Anchanto OMS (SelluSeller) 

  • 'Admin API access Token' will be your 'Shopify Admin API access Token ', you need to click on 'reveal token once' to see and copy the token. 
  • 'API key' is your Shopify store API key
  • Shopify store url on top will be your Shopify Host, kindly copy the url until .com

    Please note: 'Reveal the token' shows the token once, post this it won't reveal the token so please copy and save at secured place incase if you need in future.
  • In case of Shopify Marketplace Seller ID, please reach out to your PIC in SHopify and ask for their assistance.

Hope this answers your question!

For any queries please feel free to fire up the chat or write on

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