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What all operations can I perform after connecting my Amazon account with SelluSeller?

All capabilities and limitations once you connect your Amazon account with SelluSeller.

Product Listings:

1. HTML/Design content is not allowed in any of the fields while listing/updating any product from SelluSeller to Amazon.

2. Amazon Marketplace API does not provide syncing of all product details from Amazon to SelluSeller, hence only primary fields such as Product Name, Title, Price, Stock, etc will be synced for products. You will have to update the relevant information in SelluSeller for the synced products.

3. Product listing/update/deletion will take around 15-30 minutes to reflect on Amazon Seller Central. This is also mentioned on Amazon MWS when you list/update/delete any particular product.

4. In the case of group products synced from Amazon to SelluSeller, the master product will not be deleted from SelluSeller after deleting the variants from SelluSeller and marketplace. Group products that are created and listed from SelluSeller, can be deleted along with variants.

5. Only one product image will be synced from Amazon to SelluSeller due to API limitations.

6. You can update/add an image of the products only if you are the owner of that particular product’s Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN).

Order Level:

There are 2 types of orders on Amazon which are as below:

● AFN (Amazon Fulfilled Network)

○ FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

○ Flex

● MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network)

○ Pure

○ ATS (Amazon Transport Services)

Now, under AFN,

i) FBA orders are fully processed by amazon fulfillment centers and you are not required to do anything as everything is by Amazon.

ii) Flex is a facility provided by Amazon to big brand sellers to store their inventory in both, the sellers' own warehouse and in Amazon warehouses. This requires separate integration and you need to contact the Account Manager or Support Team for more information.

Orders of both the above types are not tracked in SelluSeller.

Under MFN,

i) ATS, that refers to easy ship orders, is available only in India. Amazon has launched new Easy ship APIs for India that currently cannot be handled in SelluSeller.

ii) Pure means orders completely fulfilled by sellers such as yourself. These orders are automatically fetched in SelluSeller. You can only update the order status till a packed state as there is no option to update the orders to complete the state on Amazon.

If you wish to enable the self-service option for adding tracking numbers manually, get in touch with us at or simply fire up the live chat

Hope this answers your question.

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