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What are the supported features and limitations of SelluSeller and Opencart Integration?

Below are the supported features and limitation of the SelluSeller & Opencart Integration.


  • Order Management
  • Get all the orders received for past 90 days on your Opencart store automatically synced into your SelluSeller account.
  • Regularly sync new/pending orders from your Opencart store to your SelluSeller account.
  • Process new orders and update status & tracking number of processed orders from SelluSeller to Opecart.
  • Sync order cancellations from Opencart to SelluSeller in every 30min.
  • Shipping Label & Invoice
  • Download and print SelluSeller generated shipping label & Invoice for the processed orders.



  • Stock/Inventory Management
  • Get your entire stock synced and updated automatically from your SelluSeller to your Opencart store as when it changes in SelluSeller.



  • Catalogue Management
  • Get all your single (non-variation) & group ( with variation) products with custom attributes automatically synced to your SelluSeller account when you connect your Opencart store account with SelluSeller.
  • Easily create single and group products along with custom attributes in a few clicks in SelluSeller and get it listed on your connected Opencart store.
  • Seamlessly edit and update information for your listed products in SelluSeller and same will be updated in your Opencart store.

  • Image Management
  • Get all the images for your already listed products on Opencart store synced and updated on your SelluSeller account.
  • Simply upload images for your product listings in your SelluSeller account, and add them to your listings on Opencart store.

  • Price Management
  • Seamlessly manage prices of all your products in SelluSeller and get synced with your connected Opencart store.


  • The current integration with Opencart do not support the Return and Exchange.

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