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Error message: “{"code"=>"E202", "message"=>"Error: Postcode is out of area."}”


While processing order in Wareo, it may happen that you would observe the error: ““{"code"=>"E202", "message"=>"Error: Postcode is out of area."}” while fetching the shipping label.


Why do I see this error?

This error appears when fetching the shipping label from integrated carrier if the mentioned postal code in order is out of service area for delivery.


Action required from your end

1. To check with the customer if you can deliver to new location which is serviceable or else you can change the carrier who provides delivery to the specified delivery address by customer.

2. To change the pin code or carrier, kindly modify the order in Wareo from Ad-hoc action and refetch the shipping label.  

We hope the details above where helpful for you. Please feel free to share with us if require further assistance and will be happy to take it up.

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