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Order not sync or delayed from OMS to WMS

Order not sync or delayed from SelluSeller (OMS) to Wareo (WMS) are due to variable reason and required to be fix accordingly to the reason.

Link :

SelluSeller (OMS)

Missing SKU

This happens in case if the SKU/Product is directly created on Seller Center (Marketplace)
To Fix : User are required to perform manual product sync also add cSKU after to fix this.

Shipping Carrier is not assigned
This happen only on new marketplace connection and carrier are not set as default.
To Fix : User are required to mark one(1) carrier as default

Out of stock
This happen due to variable reason as manual stock update from Seller Center (Marketplace), Pre-Order Promotion & Overselling issues.
To Fix : Perform inbound in WMS (OMS + WMS) or stock update in OMS (OMS only)

Unpaid orders
This is common order issue as it happen due to buyer are unable to complete the payment process during cart check-out.

There is not fix available for this issue, its highly depends on the buyer to complete payment in order to process the order.

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