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What is User roles & how many type of user

There are 3 type of user in WMS system define as below;

1) Warehouse Manager & Admin
This roles are the manager and admin will be the master of system to have full authority to read & write whereby this role can execute all creation, approvals, manpower allocation and perform warehouse operation the same time.

2) Warehouse Operation
This roles are for the worker in warehouse that will be receiving instruction from "Warehouse Manager & Admin". They have limited access depends on the roles that had given, this role can only process warehouse operation related process and not any approval required action.

3) Seller Admin
This roles are the person that are only in charge of creation only such like Inbound consignment creation, Offline order creation & product creation, there is NO execution task allowed such like assign order, process inbound & etc. The user are also limited access and view on company level only.

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