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Order sync delay from OMS to WMS / ERP System /Partial State

There could be a delay in the orders to pushed from Anchanto OMS to EWMS, such orders may be seen under partial state and under Orders: "Not Ready to Fulfill" in Anchanto OMS.

The following checks can be done to process these orders further:


  • Out of stock: Add the stock for that product, and that order will sync to WMS.
  • Unpaid orders: wait until the payment is done or verified; once the order is verified, it will move to order processing.
  • CSKU code is missing; add it from the Marketplace and sync it, or add it from OMS. catalog module
  • The shipping carrier is not assigned; mark the shipping carrier as "Default" or assign a shipping carrier for that particular order.
  • The order has been cancelled. order will be moved to "cancelled" status.
  • Disconnection of the Sales Channel: Reconnect the Sales Channel from the Integration Module

These partial orders can't be pushed to Wareo (WMS) until they are in "Ready for Pickup" status. Whenever the orders get updated to "Ready for Pickup" status in SelluSeller, they will be pushed to Wareo (WMS) for processing.

If there is any syncing delay and the order does not move to the WMS, the user can do a "Force Push to EWMS." 

The user can force push the orders to EWMS right from the OMS Order module.

Step 1: Login to SelluSeller

Step-2 : In the Orders Module, Search for the order and Select Order (Check the box)

Step-3 : Click on "Actions" and Select "Force Push to EWMS"

Note: Historical orders do not get synced to WMS as they are already processed in the marketplace.

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