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A Guide to Faster Resolution on Tickets

To save time in resolution, here are some things that you can provide from your end to help us get a better idea of the issue you are facing. Following are some of the scenarios of issues raised frequently and how you can help us solve them quickly. 

A preferable subject line that would help us help you faster and in a more efficient manner would be in the following format:

Subject: Name of the company, name of the country: summary of the issue you are facing.

Scenario 1: Stock/Order Sync Issue

  • Sample SKUs/Orders: It would be helpful if you can share the sample SKUs that you are facing the problem with. If the number of affected SKUs are more, you can also share an excel sheet for the same. 

  • Screenshot of the SKU/Order from the marketplace: A screenshot of the SKU that is getting affected and the error message from the marketplace will us understand the issue better

  • Additional Information: Any other information like the Logs available or any other messages that you are receiving from the marketplace would be helpful.

  • Is stock updated/order processed from the marketplace: An understanding of the stage at which the order is stuck would help us create a better resolution. 


Scenario 2: Listing Issue

  • Sample SKUs: A list of SKUs that are affected. If there are a lot of SKUs then just a sample of a few would be fine. 

  • Type of Product: Are you facing problems with listing just a specific type of product? Mention if yes. 

  • Screenshot of SKU and Listing Error: Take a screenshot of the SKU and the listing errors you are getting when you press submit.

  • Marketplace and SelluSeller Status of the SKU: A lot of times listing might show an error in SelluSeller while the marketplace status could be live. Let us know what your marketplace status is in both the platforms - Live, Deleted, Delisted, Rejected/Failed, etc. 

  • SKU listed from Marketplace/OMS: Let us know if you were trying to list the SKU from the Marketplace or OMS/SelluSeller

  • SKU listed Manually or in Bulk: Let us know if you were trying to upload the SKU manually or in Bulk. If you were trying to update in bulk, were all the SKUs facing problems or just some of them?


 Scenario 3: Shipping Label Issue

  • Sample Order Number: Provide the order numbers with whom you are facing issues. 

  • Screenshot of the Error Message: You may see a pop-up of the error message in SelluSeller stating the limitation your marketplace/3PL is facing. Take a screenshot of the same and attach it with your mail.

  • No. Of Orders Affected: How many orders are facing the same issue?


Scenario 4: SKUs not Synced in SelluSeller from Marketplace

  • Sample SKUs: A list of SKUs that are affected. If there are a lot of SKUs then just a sample of a few would be fine. 

  • Marketplace Name: The name of the marketplace at which this problem is occurring.


 Scenario 5: Overselling

  • Sample Order Number/SKU: The orders in which overselling has happened and their SKUs. 

  • No. of orders affected: The number of orders in which the overselling has occurred 

  • Marketplace name: The name of the marketplace through which overselling has occurred 

  • Stock on the marketplace: The inventory you had in the given Marketplace. 

  • Is stock updated from the marketplace: Was the stock updated from the marketplace or the OMS? List all the SKUs. 


 Scenario 6: Promotion Not applied

  • Sample order number /SKU: The order/orders at which the promotion is not getting applied

  • Promotion ID: The promotion ID is the assigned ID for the promo code in your Selluseller/OMS Promotion Tab. 

  • Type of Promotion: What kind of Promotion was created.Discount, Gift with Purchase, Flashsale, etc. You can also mention if it is marketplace integrated or not.

  • Screenshot of the promotion from SelluSeller: A screenshot of the promotion and the details filled by you while creating the promotion. 


Scenario 7:Locked orders

  • Sample Order: SKUs of the orders that are locked. 

  • No. of orders affected: Is the issue occurring in single or multiple orders?

  • Order Picking status: Is the status of the order Assigned or Unassigned?


You can also record the screen and try to perform the task. This will give us a better idea of the error messages you are receiving and the steps you are following.


To Record Screen In Mac: Press Cmd+Shift+5


To Record Screen in Windows: Press Win + Alt + R


Hope this information is helpful. 

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