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Unable to Login - Security Updates Dec' 2021

Anchanto has updated its security policy and below are a few things that you need to know about the same. 


  1. Reset Password: To make all our existing users shift to the new security portal we have expired all your current passwords, and you might notice the same while trying to login. There is no need to worry. You will be led to the "create new passwords" page, automatically. You can then set a new password that follows all our guidelines.


  1. Reset Password Policy: To make things safer, we have also made the following changes regarding your passwords

  1. Passwords will now automatically expire after 90 days

  2. Password should have a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 25 characters - one uppercase alphabet, one number, and one special character

  3. The new password cannot be the same as the recent 5 passwords.

  1. Two-Factor authentication: You can now also enable two-factor authentication from your account setting in the OMS dashboard. 

           Following are the steps to enable two-factor authentication

  1. Go to account settings

  2. Click on the check box to enable Two-Factor authentication

  3. Select Authentication App, as shown in the screenshot below

Two-Factor Authentication is a safer step to ensure privacy. We definitely recommend enabling the same.

We hope this article was helpful. Feel free to reach out to us through any of our communication channels for any queries/questions. 

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