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A Guide to Aramex Integration with Anchanto OMS and WMS

Aramex is fully integrated with Anchanto and can be configured for both OMS and WMS.

Aramex configuration require sanbox testing only if requested by Aramex team

Integration with Aramex supports all the countries globally.

Pre-requisites to configure Aramex with Anchanto OMS or WMS

Information RequiredExpected Value

All the required information is provided by Aramex Team
Account Number
Account Pin
Account Entity
Account Country Code

Services and codes supported for Aramex Integration

While configuring the carrier in OMS/WMS, you need to confirm the required service code for your Aramex account

Service NameService Code
Economy Parcel Express
Priority Parcel Express (overseas shipment)

Note: If the carrier does not match with any of the above service codes then an order gets created with the EPX code on Aramex system

Order Status Update for Aramex

The Aramex integration with Anchanto OMS/WMS supports the automatic updates of status between the platforms every 30 min.

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