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A Guide to eBay Integration with Anchanto OMS

This article outlines the details of eBay integration with Order Management System (OMS).

Pre-requisites for configuring eBay in OMS

  • eBay seller panel credentials: Login ID and Password.
  • Assign unique SKUs to all your existing products available in your eBay store before you connect with Anchanto OMS. Please note that if the SKUs are not present for the products on the eBay store, then those products will not get synced to Anchanto OMS.

Operations to be performed at the time of store configuration

  • Auto-sync the existing products with Fixed Price Listing type from eBay store to Anchanto OMS once the seller connects their eBay store with Anchanto OMS account.
  • Orders from the last 90 days are synced from the eBay store to Anchanto OMS upon configuration.

Catalogue Management

  • Manually sync Fixed Price Listing type single (non-variation) and group (variation) products from eBay store to Anchanto OMS by clicking on the Sync Product option available at Integration --> Ecommerce Channels --> eBay Store --> Click on the 3 Dots.

  • The integration supports only ‘Fixed Price Listing type’ listings. Auction-Style listing and Classified Ads listings are not supported in this integration.
  • Sellers can list and update the single (non variation) and group (variation) products one-by-one using Anchanto OMS user interface or via bulk import (Excel template) feature available in Anchanto OMS.
  • As per eBay, you need have at least 1 or more than 1 quantity of product to successfully list the product on eBay via API (i.e. same is applicable from Anchanto OMS).
  • Sellers can update the basic product details like product title, description, warranty, images for the group products using the group product details page in Anchanto OMS.
  • eBay has a feature called eBay Business Policies that allow sellers to create multiple templates and set the predefined value under specific field that fall under similar group including shipping policy, payment policy.
  • Once this feature is enabled on eBay, then on the product listing page, seller will have an option to select the shipping, payment and return policies instead of filling the value one-by-one under shipping, payment and returns related fields. The same policies also appear on the product details page in the Anchanto OMS, if the setting is activated on eBay store ,before connecting with Anchanto OMS.
  • In case the business policy feature is enabled or disabled on the eBay store after connecting to the Anchanto OMS then that will not change the process flow in Anchanto OMS. The seller has to disconnect and reconnect the eBay store with their Anchanto OMS account to adopt the changes in Anchanto OMS. 
  • Below are the few challenges:
    • The seller can not create or edit the business policies from Anchanto OMS, however, the business policies created on eBay can be synced to Anchanto OMS as and when the user clicks on the product sync. 
    • The current integration does not support custom fields, it means you can not create the custom fields in Anchanto OMS, like you can do it on eBay and the same can not be synced to Anchanto OMS.

Order Management

  • Automatic syncing of orders with “Pending” status on eBay store to Anchanto OMS is done automatically at an interval of 5 minute.
  • Users can sync the orders manually from Anchanto OMS using the Sync Order option available at Anchanto OMS --> Integrations --> Ecommerce Channels --> eBay Store --> Click on 3 dots --> Sync Orders.

  • The seller can use the Anchanto integrated carriers to fulfill the eBay orders and, the tracking number and shipping label gets synced from the integrated carrier to Anchanto OMS, when the user clicks on the Ready to Ship button, which will auto-update the status on the eBay store. 

Order updates and cancellations

  • The delivery status of processed orders gets auto-updated at eBay upon buyer confirmation, whereas in Anchanto OMS, the order status gets auto-updated when the carrier partner updates the status as delivered.
  • Order Cancellation gets synced from eBay to Anchanto OMS every 30 min. The canceled order gets populated under the canceled tab in Anchanto OMS. 
  • Challenge: Currently, the integration does not support syncing the returns from the eBay store to Anchanto OMS.

Inventory and Price Management

  • Auto-sync inventory from Anchanto OMS to the eBay store as and when it changes in Anchanto OMS on a real-time basis.
  • Sync inventory manually from Anchanto OMS to the eBay store using the Sync Stock option available under the Inventory module (if required).
  • Sellers can manage prices from Anchanto OMS to the eBay store for all the products one-by-one or use the Bulk price update files available in Anchanto OMS.
  • Challenges: In case the seller is updating the maximum retails price and selling price along with the start and end date from Anchanto OMS to the eBay store, then the selling price will be updated as the price on eBay. However, the price will not change after the end date is surpassed, as there is no such provision on eBay seller center. The seller needs to manually remove the selling price from Anchanto OMS once the promotion is over, so the MRP will start reflecting on eBay.

Hope this article is helpful!

To know more about configuring your eBay store in OMS, please refer to the article here.

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