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How to change the category from the admin panel

STEP-1 Click on the Selluseller tab > Click  “Search seller details.” Select the purpose from the dropdown under “Purpose” and enter the information you are searching in “specify more details.”

As the screenshot shows, find the seller's details and click on the seller’s name to open the seller’s details page.

STEP-2- Click on the “seller’s action” tab on the seller details page.

Select the “Products” tab from the Products/Inventoryproducts level Action’s 

STEP-3- Search the SKU in the search box and click on the SKU to open the product details page.

Step-4 Click on the Marketplace Product Details

Select the “marketplace name”, and click on the “change category” tab under actions.

Step-4 Search the desired category you want to change and select from the dropdown.

Click on “Change” to change the category

The changes category appears under Taxon.

This way category can be changed for the given SKU for a particular marketplace.

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