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How to process the orders in OMS

Step 1: To process orders, select orders to process by selecting the checkbox and clicking the Actions > Printing  Documents button to print the pick list.

Step2: Now select the picklist format and click on the Download button.

Sample Picklist

Step3: Click Actions > Bulk Pack Orders to update the order status to Ready to Ship.

Step4: Once the order status gets updated to Ready to Ship. Select the orders and click the Actions > Printing  Documents button to print shipping labels & order invoices.

Step5: Now select the required document to be printed and click on the Download button.

Sample Shipping Label

There is some time when the system failed to send RTS status to the platform or takes too long. To rectify this click RTS/Failed/In Progress and then click Retry.


  • Click the retry button to retry ready to ship status of orders to the marketplace from OMS.


  • If the status of the order is updated directly on the marketplace without using OMS in this case kindly note the order status will not get synced to OMS causing fetching shipping label and RTS sync issues in this case you will have to raise a ticket on Anchanto help desk by sending an email with a list of affected orders to manually update the order status in OMS.

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