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Key Notes & Guidelines before Integration of Marketplace

At the initial connection of marketplace with Anchanto OMS the product sync will happen as follows:

  • If existing marketplace store (with products listed): Existing products available on store will get auto   sync from marketplace to Anchanto OMS and will appear in catalogue so that Anchanto OMS do not have to manual  import/upload products.

  • If new marketplace store (without products listed): In this case, syncing of products will not happen   with the marketplace store since it is a new store with no catalogue items/products available on store

  • At the first time of connection products will get synced in Anchanto OMS from marketplace channel under  catalogue and inventory module with the same product SKU (also known as seller SKU) by which it is  currently listed on marketplace channel

  • Shipping carriers will get auto sync from marketplace at time of initial sync of historical orders of last 90  days and manual setup is needed only if it is a new marketplace channel or user are using your delivery  option to deliver order(Non Marketplace Integrated Shipping Carriers/Logistics Partners).

  • If any of the marketplace sales channel is not pre-integrated with Anchanto OMS, in this case, user can  capture the sales received manually using Offline store functionality of Anchanto OMS. This allows user to setup  the virtual store/channel by providing option to setup product catalogue and to manually create orders in  Anchanto OMS.

  • When user have more than one stores on the same marketplace channel during integrating your store with OMS take an additional precaution that your Anchanto OMS credentials and API keys are correct. It is been frequently observed that users accidentally using same credentials for both stores which causes issues like duplicate marketplace connections, product and order sync issues.


  • In case if SKU for product is not assigned on marketplace store or it is inconsistent SKU for same product across various channels. It  is recommended to assign SKU for product and standardize it under one SKUs if product is listed across multiple channel.

  • For some, this may be intensive exercise to clean up the product SKUs in catalog hence we have also provided the option to merge/map the  SKUs with master SKU in Anchanto OMS so that they don't have to change/update SKU on platforms

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