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How to create "Seller Logistic Partner" in WMS 3.0

The Seller Logistic Partner is the seller's own carrier account integration with Wareo system and to allow order processing to be more seamless on generating and obtaining Shipping label with logistic partner automatically during the order processing with WMS system.

However, there is a limit of available logistic partner can be configured in Wareo system, kindly consult for the list of integrated
carrier before configuring.

The prerequisite to prepare for the creation includes– 
- Logistic Partner availability (Can be found from UI drop down panel)
- Carrier’s Credentials (Required information can be found from UI)

Step1 : Go to "Warehouse" module and select the "Seller Logistic Partners" from secondary navigation panel.

Step2 : Click on "Add New Partner" button. 

Step3 : Select 

Logistic Partner*, provide the required Carrier Credentials for selected logistic partner, click  Add New Partner to create. (Carrier credentials need to collect from Carrier company)


Step4 : Once added new Seller Logistic Partner, user will be redirected back to Seller Logistic Partner screen, New Seller Logistic Partner should appear on the information panel. Click on Edit to change details and Click on Delete 

to remove Logistic partner.

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