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Stock Adjusment

How can user adjust stock in the WMS 3. 

Step 1, From the WMS go to inventory module and browser over to the stock adjustment sub-module which is present in the Inventory module. Then click on the Create New Stock Adjustment on the top extreme right side.

Step 2, Select the Stock Adjustment Type as Quantity adjustment to adjust the stocks out. Select the company in which you want to perform the stock adjustment for then select the type as location. Next Scan location Scan product SKU and click on the confirm button

Step 3, Next User will be needing to input the new Quantity and on the side user get too view the difference between the original quantity and the new quantity, select the reason and click on confirm

Step 4, Your stock adjustment which you have created can be found pending approval from the stock adjustment page. You may now click on the pending once you have identified your stock adjustment which you have created now scroll to the extreme right side and click on confirm option.

Step 5, once user have clicked on approve, user will be getting a prompt pop out from the WMS. Now user need to input a comment and approve.

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