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How to delete the Inventory ISKU from OMS

  • Before deleting the inventory ISKU, the user must assign a new ISKU for the product available under the catalogue module.

  • If the user wishes to delete both the CSKU and ISKU, they must first delete the CSKU from the catalogue module and then delete the ISKU from the inventory module.

  • If there are no listings associated with an ISKU, it will be deleted from the Anchanto OMS UI, but it will still be visible under "Deleted Products" in the Anchanto OMS.

  • ISKU cannot be delete if there are any pending orders related to that ISKU.

Step 1:  To delete the ISKU from Anchanto OMS, user needs to go the the Inventory Module > and click on the SKU

 Step 2:  The ISKU detailed section will open, where user can click on the Action button (upward arrow on the right hand corner), the user will now get the option to delete the product.

Step 3.  Once the user click on the delete button, the user can now click on the confirm button to complete the deletion process.

Step 4. User can now see the deleted products on "Deleted Products" on Inventory module 

Please find below the attached video link for your reference -

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