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How can we edit Batch & Expiry using WMS

First Step - User will be requiring to go to the Ad-Hoc Action module from the primary navigation panel. 

Second Step - User will require to select the Company in which user going to perform the modification for the Batch & Expiry. 

Third Step - User will require to input the SKU/ or the product name of the particular SKU in which User will like to modify the Batch & Expiry. 

Fourth Step, Once user have selected the SKU - User will be viewing all the Batch and Expiry which are already exist for the selected SKU. From here now user can select in which SKU he going to perform the Batch and Expiry modification, once selection is done click on the Submit button. 

Fifth Step, the selected SKU and the Batch & Expiry will be shown on the below table, now user can change and modify the batch and expiry for the selected product. Once modification is complete, user can click on the update button. 

By following this step, user has successfully changed/modify the batch and expiry for the selected SKU. 

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