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Sync Status Dashboard

Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to share the new Sync Status Dashboard in the Anchanto OMS. It s a powerful tool that enhances the monitoring of inventory stock synchronisation between Anchanto Order Management and your online sales channels. 

Use Case: 

With multi-channel selling the users need to monitor the synchronisation of the inventory stock across all connected sales channels. The visibility must help in quick identification and resolution of any errors or discrepancies in the stock levels, and avoid overselling or under stocking of products.


With the new stock sync dashboard in OMS, sellers can now view all the records of inventory/stock sync that are performed by me or via API, as well as any auto-sync that occurs when new orders are received or other stock-related events take place. One can also see the status of each sync operation, including any errors or partial successes, and quickly take action to retry or view details for failed records.



  • Access a comprehensive overview of all inventory/stock sync records right from your OMS account. 
  • Monitor your inventory updates accurately and efficiently, giving you peace of mind that your inventory is always up to date.
  • Easily search and filter inventory stock sync records based on sales channels or failure records, making it easier to find and manage specific records.
  • Perform bulk syncs for failed records, reducing the time and effort required to manage inventory stock syncs.
  • Download all records in an Excel file, allowing you to analyse the errors offline or share them with your team for further analysis.
  • View the last sync logs, enabling you to track changes and monitor performance over time.
  • Get a complete view of all synchronisation records, whether they were done manually using the Anchanto OMS platform or OMS API, or automatically triggered by new orders, stock allocation, promotions, cancellations, and returns.

Feature Overview: 

  • Login > Sync Status tab.
  • Click on Inventory.
  • Check the ribbon to see the scope of the "supported marketplaces" for this module.
  • Check the reason of failures
  • Take actions from the button if required. 


The sales channels that are currently supported include Lazada, Shopify, Shopee, Tokopedia, Zalora, Magento, Qoo10, eBay. We are working hard to enable this functionality for all remaining sales channels and will keep you posted on the progress.


Q1: What is the purpose of this new feature?

A: This new feature provides enhanced visibility and control over inventory stock synchronization between OMS and online sales channels, helping OMS users to avoid unnecessary rework and discrepancies in stock levels.


Q2: Who can access the Inventory Sync dashboard and perform actions?

A: Seller admin, Master admin, Master admin assistant, Catalogue admin, Operations admin, Inventory champ, Warehouse champ, and Custom user roles (only if the inventory module access is given) can access the dashboard and perform actions such as retrying and downloading files.


Q3: Can users perform bulk syncs for successful records?

A: No, users can only perform bulk syncs for the failed records.


Q4: Can I receive email notifications in case of inventory sync failures on the sales channels?

A: We are happy to inform you that we are currently working on implementing email notifications for inventory sync failures on sales channels. This feature will be available soon, and we will keep you informed of any updates regarding its release.


Q5: Can users download all records in an excel file?

A: Yes, users can select the one/multiple/all records and download all records in the excel file with the information that appears on the screen along with error reason at the end for each CSKU.


Q6: Can users search and filter records based on the sales channel or failure records?

A: Yes, users can search and filter records based on the sales channel or failure records.


Q7: Can users view the last sync logs?

A: Yes, users can view the last sync logs to verify the events of the past and capture the performer's information too.

Released Version:

  • OMS Version: V3 


We hope these features contribute to an effortless user experience for you.

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.

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