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What are the various types of picklists that can be printed from OMS?

Picking list can be downloaded from using the below steps :

Step 1. Orders module> Select the orders. 

Step 2. Click on the Action button > Printing documents.

Step 3. Under Printing Document > Picking List > select the required picking list > click preview / download to save the picking list.

There are three types of picking lists that can be printed from Anchanto OMS.


1. Consolidated order wise:


A consolidated order-wise picking list is a document that lists items to be picked from a warehouse for a specific order, making the fulfillment process more efficient. It includes order details, item description, quantity, and location. This list helps save time, reduces errors, and ensures accurate order fulfillment.




2. Separated order-wise


A separated order-wise picking list is a document that lists items to be picked from a warehouse for individual orders separately, which is useful for managing complex order fulfillment processes. It lists item details, quantity, and location for each order separately, helping warehouse staff manage and prioritize the picking process. This list helps ensure accurate order fulfillment and streamline warehouse operations.



3. Consolidated product-wise


A consolidated product-wise picking list lists all orders containing a specific product that needs to be picked from a warehouse. It is useful for managing high-demand products quickly and accurately. The list includes product details, quantity, and location, and helps save time and reduce errors. Once picked, the list is checked off to confirm all orders have been fulfilled, and the orders can be shipped or delivered. This tool helps efficiently manage high-demand products and ensure customer satisfaction.

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