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New Enhancements effective from 21_Apr_23

Hello Everyone,


We are very excited to share the new improvement in the Anchanto OMS for the following features. These enhancements would enable our user in an effortless and user-friendly experience. 
 These new features and enhancements are now live.


Unsynchronised Tab view for Webhook Failed Orders: 


Previously, when new orders were pushed from OMS to Khind WMS and other third-party platforms using webhooks, failures could occur, and the orders would not appear under the OMS unsynchronized tab. This led to delays in order processing and inefficiencies in identifying and rectifying the issues.

With this enhancement, orders that fail to sync due to webhook issues will now be automatically pushed into the Unsynchronized orders tab along with the error information. After automatic sync retrials, if the order still fails to sync, users can try a manual retrial from the Unsynchronized orders tab after fixing the issue.

This enhancement will be activated for all sellers who have configured the order creation callback event in OMS, providing a streamlined and efficient process for identifying and rectifying order syncing issues.


Arabic Fonts in OMS generated Documents: 


Previously, some Arabic fonts were not supported, causing an error during manifest creation. To address this issue, we have added the same Arabic fonts family that is used for shipping documents, invoices, and picking lists. With this enhancement, users can now generate manifests with Arabic fonts seamlessly.

We believe this enhancement will greatly benefit our customers who need to generate manifests with Arabic fonts.


One Time Stock Deduction Trigger: 


The stock should be deducted only once when the order is received. In case an order is split, and if the order enters the draft state. The deduction trigger must be only once and not triggered again when order moves out of draft to new or RTS state. 

This new enhancement prevents incorrect stock levels which can potentially affect order fulfillment. It would also reduce to incorrect stock reporting and result in inaccurate inventory data.


API field modification for First Mile: 


Now, when we receive Tokopedia orders API response with logistic + name, and OMS will save the name of First Mile shipping method as a milestone attribute.

With this new enhancement, warehouse associates can easily keep track of the shipping method for these orders, which will be displayed on the Order Details page. Furthermore, if the order status changes to 450, the recommended carrier can be fetched with a call to GetSingleOrder.

Note that if the order is processed by a different carrier, the shipping method in OMS will still be the one associated with the First Mile carrier, as this is what is shown on the latest shipping label provided by Tokopedia.


Concurrency issue while Order Processing and Stock Movements: 


A concurrency malfunction was discovered in the move from unpaid to paid orders in OMS. The findings had orders to go to partial status even when there was sufficient stock available in OMS. And it was found to be related to the calculation of ATP for CMG, where current order quantity was being included in the calculation along with other unpaid and pending orders.

Hence with the enhancement remove the current order quantity from the ATP calculation for CMG. This ensures that orders are correctly marked as paid and stock movements are processed without any concurrency issues.


Released Version:

  • OMS Version: V3 


We hope these features contribute to an effortless user experience for you.

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.

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