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Steps for Fedex Sandbox testing


  1. Generate test credentials and production credentials and fill in the form.
  2. Use test credentials generated in step 1 , and generate a test label (test shipment) 
  3. Attach the complete form below together with the test label , and send to Fedex team for certification .
  4. Once the label is approved , seller can replace the test credentials with the production credentials in the plugin and start shipping in live/production .


FedEx 9-Digit Account Number:  

FedEx Production Authentication Key:  

FedEx Production Meter Number:

FedEx Test Meter Number:

Company Name:  

Company Contact Name:  

Email Address:  

Services to be Certified:  

Express Ground Both

Printer Model(s) to be Utilized:  

How Many of Each Printer Model:  

Label Image Type:



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