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New Enhancements effective form 8_May_23

Hello Everyone,

We are very excited to share the new improvement in the Anchanto Order Management (OM) for the following features. These enhancements would enable our user in an effortless and user-friendly experience. 


These new features and enhancements are now live. 

Show Expiry Date on Shopify 

The new feature fetch the product expiry and quantity information from Dynamod and showcase the expiry date of products on seller's Shopify webstore. To facilitate this the Anchanto OM UI has added the provision to create and update inventory products with user-defined fields, including expiry date. The information will then be synced to the catalog product and updated on Shopify.

Furthermore, whenever there is a change in the expiry date, the connected catalog product and Shopify will be updated accordingly. Dynamod will send the expiry date against inventory products in sFTP.

Updated Lazada Fulfilment API

Anchanto OM has been updated with the latest version of Lazada Fulfillment API. This update addresses several issues faced in the previous version, including lack of documentation and complex backup logic for open API. Additionally, the new version aligns with the fulfillment system logic and optimizes the Get shipment provider API response parameters based on 3PL list or default.

It also provides tracking number checking for improved efficiency. We are confident that this update will enhance the performance and provide a seamless experience for our valued customers.

Enhanced Price Update operation on Ebay

We have introduced an enhancement for Ebay stock price update in Anchanto OM. This resolves the inefficiency in the current update price process for Ebay. The previous process took up a lot of time and server space, as it included all data fields, options, and images before sending to Ebay. This often led to memory issues and aborted operations. With enhanced support form Anchnato OM, users can expect efficient price and stock updates, whether for single or bulk updates. This update will ensure accurate and timely reflection of Ebay prices on marketplaces, improving overall user experience.

Improved sync issues with Marketplace Integrated Carriers

We faced an issue where the status of orders on Lazada and Anchanto OM are not in sync, causing discrepancies and lack of visibility. To resolve this issue, we have enhanced the integration between Lazada and Anchanto OM. We are now syncing the lost in transit, failed delivery, and shipped status orders from Lazada to Anchanto OM for marketplace integrated carriers. This update will help ensure that the status of orders is accurately reflected in both systems, giving sellers better visibility and control over their orders.

Variant Price update supported by API

Improved API for updating prices of group products and their variants for WooCommmerce plugin. With this update, both Price and Selling price will be accurately updated for different group variants via API. It provides a more efficient and reliable experience for our users. 

Released Version:

  • Anchanto OM Version: V3 


We hope these features contribute to an effortless user experience for you.

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.



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