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User Manual: Dispatch by Pallet for B2C - 23nd May 2023








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1. Dispatch by Pallet for B2C | WMS 3.0

  • The Feature:

1. Warehouse Configuration Settings

To enable Dispatch by Pallet for a warehouse by default, follow these steps:

  • Open the Warehouse Configuration Settings.
  • Locate the checkbox labeled "Enable Dispatch by Pallet" and check it.
  • Save the changes.

2. Assigning Pallets to Orders

To assign pallets to orders, perform the following actions:

  • After enabling Dispatch by Pallet, access the "Assign Pallet" submodule.
  • In the "Awaiting Orders" tab, view a list of orders awaiting pallet assignment.

  • Use the LPN barcode scanning feature to assign orders to a pallet. Scan the LPN barcode to initiate the process.

  • For bulk upload, provide the LPN and Order numbers while assigning pallets to orders.

  • Assign LPN to a single order, or select multiple orders and assign LPN to the selected items.
  • If the companies does not have the same SLP or carrier, then the system will throw an error in case of assigning pallet for multiple companies.

  • To assign a single LPN to multiple orders, select the orders and choose "Assign Pallet" from the action menu.

  • Note: When assigning pallets to multiple orders, ensure that the selected orders share either the same SLP (Seller Logistics Partner) or carrier.

3. Modifying and Managing Pallets

To modify and manage pallets, follow these instructions:

  • In the "Assign Pallet" submodule, scan the LPN barcode to list down all selected orders.
  • To add more orders to an existing LPN-assigned list, scan the orders.
  • Delete orders from the LPN-assigned list if needed.

  • If a wrong LPN is scanned, rescan the correct LPN.
  • In the "Assigned Pallet" tab, perform actions such as modifying the pallet or deleting it.

  • Note that a single LPN can have multiple orders.
  • Once orders are assigned to a pallet, they will no longer be listed in the "Awaiting Orders" tab.

4. Dispatching Orders

To dispatch orders based on pallets, use the following instructions:

  • Manifest creation will be based on the pallets linked to the orders.
  • Access the separate tab that lists all orders grouped in LPN.
  • The grid will display LPN number, number of orders, orders, status, carrier, and logistic company columns.
  • Filter the grid by logistic company, carrier, and LPN creation date.
  • Create a manifest for a single pallet or multiple pallets simultaneously.
  • When creating a manifest by pallet, add or delete pallet LPNs from the selected list.
  • On a single line-item level, modify the LPN pallet by adding or deleting the LPN from the action menu.
  • The "Orders" tab displays orders for which a manifest is yet to be generated, regardless of pallet LPN assignment.
  • Warnings will appear in specific scenarios as mentioned in the feature description.

5. Manifest Listing and Order Section

After creating the manifest, follow these steps:

  • Manifests will be listed in both the "Scheduled" and "Out of Warehouse" sections, organized by order.
  • In the "Awaiting" section of the "Dispatch Order" module, a new column "LPN" indicates if an order is assigned to any LPN number.
  • Pallet and order selection will not be available for the "Out from Warehouse" tab, only for "Awaiting" and "Scheduled" orders.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to use the Dispatch by Pallet for B2C feature. Enjoy the streamlined pallet-based dispatch process and enhance your order management capabilities.

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Dispatch By Pallet for B2C

*The above enhancements will reflect in the mobile application as well.  


Released Versions  

Web WMS Version : v 3.0.0 



We hope this feature contributes to an effortless user experience for you.  

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.    

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