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Creation of Order Pick and/or Pack Bin - WMS 3.0

Creation of Order Pick Bin


Order Pick Bins are the picking basket/carton/ trolleys that is used by picker to store products after picking.

from storage location till packing is completed.

Pick bin is barcoded/labelled with the pick bin number which is unique to each bin.

Pick bin gets allocated to order by picker during picking till all the products of order picked in the bin. (User can scan multiple Order Bins during Picking for same order also)

You can filter bin by allocation status using filter option.



  • To create pick bin, go to ‘Warehouse’ module from primary panel.
  • Select the ‘Order Bin’ from secondary navigation panel and click on ‘Create Pick Bin’ button.

  • Input number of bins to generate and click on ‘Generate’ button.
    Prefix is optional field and by specifying prefix the pick bin number will generated with prefix along with system generated number. Default prefix is PICKBIN.

  • Now, you will view a confirmation message and the pickbin will get successfully created.

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     Same way you can create the Pack Bins as well by Selecting the Pack Bins option.

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