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WMS 3.0:- Navigating to Orders Stuck in Problem State Due to Insufficient Stock

Occasionally, orders may become stuck in a problem state due to insufficient stock. To troubleshoot these situations, consider the following steps:

1. Verify Order Creation Time

Check when the order was created. This will provide insight into potential inventory issues that might have arisen between the order creation time and the present.

2. Check Available Quantity

Verify if the quantity of the product ordered was available at the time the order was created. This can help confirm if the problem is due to a shortage of stock.

3. Consider Batch-Enabled Products

If an order has been modified and the products involved are batch-enabled, the issue may lie there. Users modifying these orders need to ensure that a batch has been selected during the modification process. If no batch was selected, this could cause the order to go into a problem state.

4. Batch Management Enabled but No Batch Number Present

If batch management is enabled for a product but no batch number is provided in the order, this could cause the order to be stuck.

5. Verify Prices

If the  SKU in the order has selling price, and retail price all listed as 0, this could be another reason the order is stuck in a problem state

By carefully verifying these potential scenarios, care team can better navigate and rectify orders that are stuck in a problem state due to insufficient stock in WMS before passing it to tech team.

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