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WMS 2.0 – Getting an error of “Cross UM Conversion of Product(s) Not Allowed” while performing the Stock Transfer

As per the implementation in WMS 2.x for Stock Transfer, the SKU can be transferred to any other SKU of any UoM (Unit of Measurement) given that one of the SKU (i.e., either the Source SKU or the Destination SKU) has a UoM of either unit or Piece i.e., standard UoM of WMS.

If Seller is doing the transfer between Non-Standard UoM’s (i.e., UoM’s created by seller for their purpose), it’s not allowed.



If the transfer is happening between SKUs having UoM of Box and Piece, it’ll be done.

But if both UoM’s are other than Piece or Unit, then it’ll throw the error as neither of the UoM is Piece or Unit.


Below are the examples of valid transfers:

Source - Unit Destination - Unit
Source - piece Destination - piece
Source - Unit Destination - Box
Source - piece Destination - Box
Source - Box Destination - Unit
Source - Box Destination - piece
Source - Unit Destination - piece
 Source - piece Destination - Unit

Invalid Transfer:

Invalid = Source - (any other than unit/piece) Destination - (any other than unit/piece).

It must be => PIECE, CASE, PACK, PC, BOX, SET (Standard UoM’s of WMS 2.x).



A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated


If a Stock Transfer is initiated for this SKU, it’ll throw an error as the UoM mentioned for this SKU is 1.0 which is a not standard UoM in WMS 2.x.

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