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How to create custom payment method in Anchanto WMS?

Anchanto-defined default payment methods are displayed on UI by default. The users are allowed to create their own payment method by using the create button on UI.  Please follow the below steps to create new payment method:

Step 1: Navigate to warehouse module, select payment method submodule, then click on 'Add new payment method'

Step 2: Fill in the required informations for the payment method that are being created. Click on 'Create' button to create the payment method.

  • Name: name of the payment method. This name will be displayed in the dropdown UI for selecting payment method when creating offline orders.
  • Code: code of the payment method. This code is for internal use and will be entered when bulk uploading offline orders into Anchanto WMS.
  • Payment type: select either COD or Prepaid type 

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