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User Guide for Split Order Feature


The Split Order feature in a Warehouse Management System refers to the capability of dividing a customer order into multiple parts or shipments for more efficient processing.  

This feature allows for the division of a customer order into multiple shipments, enabling more flexible warehouse operations. Split order functionality facilitates partial fulfilment and helps to meet different shipping requirement. 

This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where items in an order are located in different areas of the warehouse or need to be shipped separately due to various reasons, such as stock availability, destination, or shipping requirements. 

The recent system updates introduce a "Shipment Number" column in the Order Module, enhancing the visibility and management of shipments. Users can now easily track orders, even when split into multiple shipments, each represented by a unique shipment number. 

Users can navigate through the system to access critical information: 

  1. 1. Shipment Details: 

  • Users can select a shipment number to view shipment-level information, including details and tracking information. 

  1. 2. Order Details: 

  • Upon selecting an order number, users gain access to comprehensive order information through tabs such as Order Info, Shipment Details, and Track Processing Flow. 

  1. 3. Shipping Information: 

  • Users can conveniently view and download shipping labels for each shipment, along with scrolling options for accessing invoices. 

These enhancements streamline the monitoring and management of orders and shipments, providing business users with a more efficient and comprehensive tool for their logistics needs. 


  • Allows for partial order fulfilment, ensuring that available items are shipped promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction. 
  • Helps manage inventory levels more effectively by shipping available items while waiting for restocks. 
  • Provides flexibility in handling diverse shipping requirements and inventory locations. 

Steps to navigate: 

1. Newly added Shipment Number column in Order Module 

2. If order is split and divided in two different shipments then user can see two different rows of the same order with different shipment number. 




3. Select Shipment Number  

  1. User can see the shipment level information after selecting shipment number. like Shipment info and track processing flow for the shipment 
  2. User can see shipment details like how many items present in the shipment along with the tracking number of the shipment  


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4. Select Order Number 

 a. After selecting order number can see three different tabs 

  • Order Info 
  • Shipment details 
  • Track Processing Flow 


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  • b. Order Info will give full order details  

  • c. Shipment Details will give the listing of shipments , User can see and track the status of each shipment.  

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d. User can see the shipping details and able to download the shipping label for each shipment separately. User can scroll down to download the Invoice and shipping label.  


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e. User can click on Track processing flow to view status for each of the shipment.  


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Released Version:

Web WMS Version : V3.0.0 

We hope this feature contributes to an effortless user experience for you.  

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.    

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