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User Guide | New Shipping Carrier Management Feature

Hello Everyone,

We are thrilled to announce a new feature for sellers to create and manage shipping methods in the Order Management System (OMS). This new feature has been added to empower sellers to independently create and configure shipping methods form OMS user interface. 

This feature is live now.

Use Case


Use Case: 

The seller faces inefficiencies in operational and shipping management, especially with diverse carrier integrations such as Marketplace, OMS, WMS, and Seller's own fleet. Additionally, the presence of multiple carrier names configured across sales channels further complicates the fulfilment process.


The introduced feature empowers the seller by offering a flexible approach to carrier integration. Through this solution, the seller gains the ability to seamlessly integrate carriers across three distinct types: Marketplace, OMS, and WMS or Seller's own fleet. Users can effortlessly customize and add new carrier names specific to each sales channel, promoting a more adaptable and efficient operational experience.


This results in improved operational efficiency, enhanced convenience, and a streamlined shipping management system for the sellers.

  • For sellers grappling with the challenge of managing multiple carrier names across various sales channels.
  • Sellers can now map these diverse carrier names to a single shipping method at the WMS side. 

Steps to Follow

1. Login to Anchanto OM.

2. Navigate to Integration Module > navigate to 'Shipping Carriers Management'.

3. Click on 'Add New Shipping Method'. 

4. Add shipping details as per the following use cases: 

Use Case 1: Marketplace Integrated Carrier

Step 1: Select radio button of 'Marketplace Integrated Carrier' 

Step 2: Select the sales channel that you wish to create the shipping method for.

Step 3: Select the carrier form the dropdown. 

This new feature will allow all sellers to add new Carrier Name to the list if dropdown doesn't have an option. 

Ex: Seller want to add a new carrier name for order which are more than 100$ so they can add it in the same screen. 

Step 4: The dropdown will be auto populated for 'shipping type' that exist for the above selection of marketplace and carrier. 

Step 5: Add the Carrier name. This will be populated when carrier is fetched from markteplace.

Step 6: Add the Tracking URL as shown below:  

Step 7: Add the 'Logistic Action' supported by the carrier services. if no option is selected then by default 'pick up' will be selected. 

Note: For WMS integrated OMS accounts seller will get this additional field as 'WMS Carrier Code'. This will be used to map multiple carrier names to one shipping method for WMS that will be used for fulfilment.

For example, As a seller I am using Free Shipping upto 10 kg and Free shipping via airway as carrier names to be fulfilled by Fedex, then map both carrier names to Carrier Code as 'FedShp001'. This will avoid multiple shipping method information On WMS side.

Step 8: Add the custom label and invoice if configured for this particular carrier. Please note this functionality will only support those carries for which seller has configured the document pattern as designed in 'Document Designer' and Shipping label is not fetched from carrier.

Step 9: Select 'Default ' option to fulfil all orders  for this sales channel via the above carrier only. Also 'apply for return' suggest that if returns are supported, will this carrier support the return pickup. If yes then select the check box. 

Step 10: Click on 'Create Carrier' to complete. 

Use Case 2: Anchanto OMS Integrated Carrier

In this case follow the same steps as shown for Case 1 above, The only additive fields are as follows:

Step 4: 'Add 3PL' : The dropdown will have information of all 3PL connected in OMS. Selles can choose the one they wish to fulfil the shipments from.

Step 7: Based on the above point, the 'Delivery Service type' drop down will be populated. This will have all service types configured for this particular 3PL supported in OMS.  

Use Case 3: Seller Own Fleet or WMS Integrated Carrier

In this case follow the same steps as shown for Case 1 above. All functionality remains same just to note that the shipping labels supported will be the Anchanto OMS default one. WMS generated shipping label won't be fetched back in OMS. 

Released Version:

  • Anchanto OM Version: V3 


We hope these features contribute to an effortless user experience for you.

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.


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