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How to create return orders in Wareo to receive customer returns in Warehouse?

The return order is received in Warehouse using Wareo by following below steps:

Step1: Creation of Return Order

A. To create a return order, go to Return Order Processing > Create. Enter the order number and select Return Collection under the Order Type drop-down.

B. Specify the products customer requested for return and specify quantity and create Return Order.

Step 2: View Return Order:

A. To view all return orders, go to Return Order Processing > Pending

B. Click on the Assign button to assign a delivery staff or carrier for collecting the order from customer.

C. Update status as Picked Up upon collecting the products from the customer’s place.

Step 3: Receive the return order at Warehouse

A. Go to B2C Order Dispatch > Received at Warehouse Scan and enter/scan order number.

B. Capture return reason and assign inbound staff to putaway products to storage locations.

C. During put-away inbound staff need to perform QC and he updates stock to location as usable to damage.

We hope the details above were helpful for you. Please feel free to share with us if require further assistance and will be happy to take it up. 

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