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How to create Notifications?

We have Notification Intelligence module on Digital Shelf which helps the user to set notification alerts for Product, Store, Brand, Keyword and Category.

Please follow the steps below to create a notification-

  1. Go to Notification Intelligence module on your Digital Shelf account
  2. Go to the Product, Store, Brand, Keyword or Category page for which you want to create a notification.
  3. Click on Create Notification tab on right top corner.
  4. Select a Retail Channel, Product and Target API for which you want to set the Notification alert (Note: Current KPI Value will be calculated and shown by the system automatically).
  5. Select a range for the Target KPI Value
  6. Set the Frequency if you need the repeated notification or once.
  7. Click on Create Notification

I am sharing the screenshots for the reference-

Hope the above information helps!

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