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FAQs for Enhanced Order Processing for Packing Flow


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is the primary objective of the Packaging Material setting enhancement? 

The primary objective is to provide more granular control over packaging processes at both the warehouse and customer levels, specifically tailored for different order types (B2B and B2C). The focus is on optimizing the packaging process within the Warehouse Management System to enhance flexibility and efficiency in handling Quality Check (QC) and packaging activities.


  • Can users skip the QC process for specific orders? 

Yes, if QC is disabled, users will bypass the QC screen during packing and be directed straight to the Packaging Screen. This saves time and streamlines the packing process.


  • How does the Global Scan functionality work in QC processes?

Global Scan is a SKU scanning functionality exclusively available on the mobile app. It allows users to perform a global scan of SKUs during the QC process. However, it is not applicable for global-level acknowledgment and item-level acknowledgment options.


  • What happens if Packaging Settings are disabled?

If Packaging Settings are turned off, users skip the packaging material selection and are redirected straight to the print document screen.



  • How does the "Add all items to only one carton" setting work?

If this setting is enabled, all SKUs are automatically assigned to a single carton, eliminating the need for users to select and add packaging material manually. This works for both PDA and Web platforms, reducing steps in the packaging process.

  • How does the "Skip Packaging and Carton Selection" option benefit users?

Enabling the "Skip Packaging and Carton Selection" option allows users to bypass the selection of packaging materials altogether and be redirected directly to the print document screen. This is particularly useful in scenarios where packaging decisions are predetermined or automated.

  • Can users configure specific QC settings for different order types?

Yes, QC settings provide granular control, allowing users to disable QC for specific order types. This ensures a tailored approach to the QC process based on the nature of the orders, whether they are B2B or B2C.


  • Are the Packaging Material settings applicable at both the warehouse and customer levels?

Yes, the Packaging Material settings are available at both the warehouse and customer levels. Users can configure these settings when creating a new warehouse or by selecting a specific customer and adjusting the settings accordingly.


  • Are there any limitations to the "Global Scan" functionality?

Yes, the "Global Scan" functionality is not applicable for Global-level acknowledgment and Item-level acknowledgment options during the Quality Check process. It is important to consider the specific use cases where this functionality is most beneficial.


  • How does the enhancement cater to single-unit and single-item orders in QC processes? 

For orders consisting of a single SKU and a single unit, users have the option to activate the "SKIP QC settings." In warehouse module. This skips the QC process for such orders, eliminating unnecessary steps and expediting the packing process.


  • How does the "Auto/Silent Printing" option in Print Settings benefit the order fulfillment process? 

The "Auto/Silent Printing" option automates the printing process for USB-connected printers without manual intervention. This feature is particularly useful for high-volume order fulfillment scenarios, reducing the need for repetitive manual actions and speeding up the document printing process.


  •  Can users configure multiple Printing Benches within the Warehouse module?

Yes, the Printing Bench functionality allows users to configure multiple printing benches within the Warehouse module. This flexibility enables businesses to designate different printers for various purposes, enhancing organization and efficiency in document printing. 


  • In what scenarios would users opt for the "Auto/Silent Printing" feature?

The "Auto/Silent Printing" feature is advantageous in scenarios where users want documents to be automatically printed without the need for manual confirmation. This is especially useful when using USB-connected printers, streamlining the printing process for increased efficiency.


  • How does the "Printing Bench" configuration contribute to systematic document printing?

The "Printing Bench" configuration ensures systematic document printing by allowing users to designate specific printers for different tasks within the Warehouse module. This feature enhances order and document management, contributing to a more organized and streamlined fulfillment process.


  • How does the system handle cases where packaging material is already assigned to an SKU?

If packaging material is already assigned to an SKU, and the auto-assignment setting is enabled, users can bypass the manual selection of packaging material. This automation further streamlines the packaging process.


  • Can the Packaging Material settings be easily adjusted or updated as business requirements change?

Yes, the flexibility of the Packaging Material settings allows for easy adjustments to accommodate evolving business requirements. Users can update settings as needed to align with changes in processes or customer demands.


  • How does the enhancement impact order fulfillment timelines?

The streamlined QC and packaging processes contribute to improved operational efficiency, potentially reducing order fulfillment times. The ability to skip certain steps for specific order types ensures a quicker turnaround for relevant scenarios.



Released Version:

Web WMS Version : V3.0.0 

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