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Auto Printing of Shipping Labels


1. How do I access the new customization feature for auto printing shipping labels?

  • You can access this feature via "Customer Settings" → "Order Settings" in our platform.


2. What are my options for automatically generating shipping labels?

  • You have three options to choose from:
    • "Picking Completed": Labels are generated immediately after the picking process.
    • "QC (Quality Control)": Labels are generated after successful quality control checks.
    • "Packing Completed": Labels are generated only after the packing process is finished.


3. Can I enable Printing Bench Automation for both pick-pool and non-pick-pool orders?

  • Yes, Printing Bench Automation is available for both pick-pool and non-pick-pool orders.


4. How do I activate Printing Bench Automation?

  • Anchanto Admin will enable the Printing Bench from the Admin Panel. Once enabled, users can create a Printing Bench from the "Warehouse" section.


5. What steps are involved in creating a Printing Bench?

  • After selecting "Create Printing Bench," users can set up the printing bench by adding printers, IP addresses, and specifying the documents that need to be printed from each respective printer.


6. How does the system initiate the printing process automatically once the Printing Bench is activated?

  • Once the Printing Bench is configured, the system takes charge and initiates the printing process automatically, eliminating the need for manual printing tasks.

Grid Enhancements (Platform Personalisation) 


1. How do I adjust the width of the grid?

  • You can easily customize the width of the grid to your preference by resizing it. Simply drag the grid's edges to display information in a way that suits you best.


2. What is the "Pin" feature for columns, and how does it work?

  • The "Pin" feature allows you to freeze the first and last columns of your grid. This ensures that crucial information remains visible even when you scroll horizontally.


3. How can I manage the columns displayed in the grid?

  • You can add or remove columns from the grid using the settings icon. This feature allows you to tailor the displayed information to meet your specific needs.


4. Can I control the number of orders displayed on the screen?

  • Yes, you have the flexibility to select the number of orders to be displayed on your screen. Whether you prefer a compact view or a comprehensive overview, the choice is yours.


5. Will my selected settings persist when I switch between different tabs within the system?

  • Absolutely! Your chosen settings will remain consistent as you navigate between various tabs within the platform. No more repetitive adjustments when switching tasks.


6. What happens to my settings when I log in and out of the system using the same browser?

  • Your personalized settings will be retained when you log in and log out of the system using the same browser. This ensures a seamless and consistent experience each time you return.


7. Are these settings available across different browsers?

  • These settings are specific to the browser you are using. If you utilize different browsers, you may need to configure your preferences again.

Released Version:

Web WMS Version : v 3.0.0 



We hope this feature contributes to an effortless user experience for you.  

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