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Auto Printing of Shipping Labels


In this latest release, we are thrilled to introduce two powerful features aimed at enhancing your label printing process and streamlining the operations:


  1. We are pleased to announce the addition of a robust customization feature accessible via Customer Settings → Order Settings. With this feature, you now have the flexibility to determine precisely when shipping labels are automatically generated. Your choices include:
    • "Picking Completed": This setting is tailored for users who prefer labels to be generated immediately after the picking process has been completed.
    • "QC (Quality Control)": if users prefer labels to be generated after quality control checks have been successfully conducted.
    • "Packing Completed": Users have the option to select this setting if they prefer labels to be generated exclusively once the packing process has concluded.




  1. Printing Bench Automation for Pick-Pool and Non-Pick-Pool Orders:


We've taken a significant step towards automating your printing tasks with the introduction of the Printing Bench Automation feature, now available for both pick-pool and Normal order processing (non-pick-pool orders). 


Once activated the printing Bench from warehouse settings, the system takes the lead in initiating the printing process automatically. Say goodbye to the manual printing tasks that used to be a time-consuming part of your daily routine!


  • Anchanto Admin will enable the Printing bench from Admin Panel. Once it is enabled, user can Create Printing Bench from Warehouse -> Printing Bench section.  



  • After selecting Create Printing Bench, user set printing bench by adding Printers, IP Address and document that needs to be printed from the respective printer.





  • User can set the printing bench from Mobile App -> Settings.


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Description automatically generated


  • Once the printing bench is scanned from Mobile App, Printing of shipping label, packing list and commercial invoice will happen from mobile app. 


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Auto Printing Shipping Label

 Grid Enhancements

We're excited to introduce a series of new features and improvements that offer enhanced control and personalization options within our platform. 


  1. Adjustable Grid Width:
    • Now you have the power to customize the width of the grid to match your preferences. Simply resize the grid to display the information in a way that works best for you.



  1. Freeze Columns with Pinning:
    • With the new "Pin" feature, you can easily freeze the first and last columns of your grid. This allows you to keep critical information in view, even when scrolling horizontally.




  1. Column Management from Settings:
    • You can now add or remove columns from the grid via the settings icon. Tailor the displayed information to your specific requirements with ease.



  1. Persistent Settings Across Tabs:
    • Your selected settings will remain consistent as you navigate between different tabs within the system. Say goodbye to repetitive adjustments when switching between tasks.


  1. Browser-Based Persistence:
    • Your personalized settings will be retained when you log in and log out from the system using the same browser. Enjoy a seamless and consistent experience every time you return.


Note: These settings are specific to the browser you are using. If you use different browsers, you may need 

to configure your preferences again. 

Video Resource

Grid Enhancements


We hope this feature contributes to an effortless user experience for you.  

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.    

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