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FAQs | Split Order Enhancement


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is the Split Order feature, and how does it benefit warehouse operations?
A: The Split Order feature allows dividing a customer order into multiple shipments, optimizing warehouse efficiency and enabling partial fulfilment. 

  • How can I track split orders in the system? 

A: With the introduction of the "Shipment Number" column, users can easily track orders, even when split into multiple shipments, each represented by a unique shipment number. 

  • Can I download shipping labels for each shipment separately? 

A: Yes, users can conveniently view and download shipping labels for each shipment individually. 

  • How does the "Shipment Number" column enhance visibility in the Order Module? 

A: The column facilitates easy tracking of split orders, offering heightened visibility and management capabilities. 

  • What information can I see by selecting a shipment number? 

A: Users can view shipment-level information, including details, download shipping lable and tracking information, by selecting a shipment number. 

  • How does the system handle returns or changes in split orders? 

AReturns or changes to split orders are managed seamlessly, with the system allowing updates and adjustments to individual shipments. 



Released Version:

Web WMS Version : V3.0.0 

We hope this feature contributes to an effortless user experience for you.  

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