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Basic Troubleshooting for Login Errors in OMS/WMS

Error received on the screen as Error with your login or password (OMS) or Invalid Email or Password (WMS)

  • If the website address is correct, check the password you are using to login. Make sure its correct login credentials.

  • If you are using Auto-fill functionality on your browser to login, try with entering your login details manually.
    If successfully logged in with manual entry, save the details on your browser (you may receive a prompt to update the password or you can update the password in settings page of your browser).

  • Even after manual entry, still getting the error for login credentials, perform the password reset.

  • Follow below steps to reset the password:
    1. Click on Forgot Password link on the login page.

    2. Enter the email address associated with your login and click SUBMIT.

    3. Check your email account for password reset email from Anchanto.
      1. For OMS account, the email will be from and the subject will be SelluSeller password reset request.

      2. For WMS 2 (eWMS) account, the email will be from and the subject will be Reset password instructions.

        A screenshot of a email

Description automatically generated
      3. For WMS 3 account, the email will from and the subject will be Reset password instructions.

    4. Password reset link in the email, and you’ll be directed to the page to update your password.

    5. When creating a new password for your account make sure that:
      1. Total length of the password should be at least 8 characters.

      2. Password must contain at least 1 Uppercase Letter.

      3. Password must contain at least 1 Lowercase Letter.

      4. Password must contain at least 1 Number (Digit).

      5. Password must contain at least 1 Special Character.

      6. The password should not be the same as your last 3 passwords for the account.

    6. Enter the new password for your login in New Password text box, enter the same password in the Confirm Password box as well.

    7. Click on Submit or (Change my password or Set New Password) button.

    8. Once you see the message pop-up of password is updated, login using your new credentials.

    9. In case, you are not receiving the password reset emails from Anchanto system in your Inbox, check the SPAM or Junk (Email) folder of your email account.
      Move these emails to Inbox.

    10. If not available in SPAM/Junk folder as well, please check in case you’ve put any restrictions to receive emails from the above-mentioned email address’, remove the restrictions if any, and do the password reset steps again.

    11. If no restrictions found on your email account, kindly contact your email service provider/system admin to check if there’s any restrictions in place at the backend and ask to remove if any restrictions are found.

    12. If still not receiving the password reset email, raise a ticket to Anchanto by sending an email to

No Error is shown when logging in


  • In case there’s no error shown on the page while logging in, kindly restart the browser once in case the browser is open for a long time or start with a new window.

  • Make sure you are using the mainstream browsers like Google Chrome, MicroSoft Edge or Safari (SelluSeller works better on these browsers and few non-mainstream browsers may give you some trouble while operating on your account).

  • Make sure you are using the correct website for login.


    WMS 2 (eWMS):

    WMS 3:

  • If still not able to login and no error message, please reset/delete the cookies and cache from the settings page of your browser.

  • Once the cookies are reset/deleted, restart your browser and check.

  • In a very rare scenarios, you may have to restart your computer system itself.

  • If still unable to login you want to try with the password reset for your login.

  • Even after above steps you are still unable to login, raise a ticket to Anchanto by sending an email to


NOTE: Resetting/Deleting Cookies or restarting browser/computer is not associated with the website issue but the browser memory is unable to work as expected for the website. When you use a browser, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites. Hence, need to reset.

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