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Optimising Picking and Packing flow: Reducing Clicks for Enhanced Efficiency



Reducing clicks in a Warehouse Management System V. 3.0 (WMS) application involves streamlining user interactions to achieve tasks with fewer mouse clicks or screen taps. This optimization aims to enhance user efficiency, minimize errors, and improve overall productivity. Some strategies for reducing clicks in a WMS application include:

The recent system updates will introduce an automatic field selection and auto navigation from one screen to another basis on the information required to move forward. Users can now easily complete the picking and packing process with very less to no interaction on application.


  • Importance of Click Reduction in WMS:
    • Vital for enhancing efficiency and minimizing errors in picking and packing processes.
    • Reduces manual interactions, leading to faster fulfillment times and lower labor costs.
  • Approaches to Click Reduction:
    • UI Optimization: Improve user interface design for smoother navigation.
    • Contextual Menus and Shortcuts: Provide quick access to commonly used functions.
    • Smart Defaults and Auto-Fill: Automatically populate fields to minimize manual data entry.
    • Minimize Confirmation Prompts: Streamline processes by reducing unnecessary confirmation steps.
  • Recent System Updates:
    • Introduce automatic field selection and navigation, reducing user interaction.
    • Enhance picking process efficiency with minimal user intervention.
  • Outcomes of Click Reduction:
    • Increased Efficiency: Tasks completed with fewer clicks, optimizing workflow.
    • Enhanced Productivity: Reduced manual effort leads to quicker task completion.
    • Improved Employee Satisfaction: Simplified processes contribute to a more positive work experience.

Video Tutorial 


Picking Workflow

To explore and experience newly released product feature you can follow below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Login to WMS portal with valid credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Orders modules from left panel. (Click on orders module)

Now, whenever new order comes, it will be under the new section available under orders module.


Step 3: Click on New section to view list of all the newly created orders.

To start order picking process, you need to assign a picker for the order.


Step 4: Scroll to extreme right side of the order listing page.


Step 5: Click on Assign Picker.

After clicking on assign picker two options will be populated:

  1. Single Picker
  2. Multiple Picker


Step 6: Select Single Picker, there will be options to select Picker:


Step   8: Select Pick section to view orders.

Now, Pick section with order view and Unassigned tab selected will appear.

Step 9: Select the Assigned tab to view all the orders assigned for picking.

There are two option to go ahead with picking process.

  1. “Start Picking”   for any order
  2. “Pick Action” – for each order under actions column)


Step 10: Click on Start Picking (Continuous Order Picking)

Start picking page will appear, where user simply needs to scan the order number.


Step 11: Scan the Order Number.

Scanning order number will automatically navigate user on Pick Order screen with Scan/Enter the Location field. Cursor will be automatically located to “Scan Location” section. No need to select this field manually. 

Step 11: Scan/Enter the Location.

Once user scans/enters location, then the cursor will automatically move to next field “Scan Picking Bin” (Only for orders where Scan Pick Bin is mandatory) will be selected. If Picking Bin is not mandatory Automatically next field (Scan/Enter SKU or UPC or USN) will be selected. 

Step 12: Scan Picking Bin.

After scanning picking bin automatically next field Scan/Enter SKU or UPC or USN will be selected.


Step 13: Scan/Enter SKU.

Once you scan/enter the SKU automatically next field No. unit will be selected.

Step 14: Enter no. unit for product.


Step 15: Click on add to pick other product in the order.

No need to scan the pick bin again if user have already scanned for the same order. Picked item will be highlighted in green colour.

After picking all the products in order Confirm option will be enabled.

Step 16: Click on Confirm button. 

Once user clicks on confirm button, user will be navigated back to start picking screen/page.


Step 9: Click on Pick from Pick section under Action column

Start picking page will appear and scan/enter the location field will be selected automatically. In this case, no need to scan the order number as user has selected Pick action against the order.

Repeat the Step 11-15 to complete the picking.

Step 16: Click on Confirm and Move to QC button.

Packing Workflow 

Once the picking is completed, user will be directly navigated to Quality Check page with Scan/Enter SKU or UPC or USN field selected.

User will see newly added Shipping Details section with Edit option. User can edit the shipping address if needed from QC screen.

Step 17: Scan/Enter SKU.

Once you scan/enter the SKU, cursor will be automatically to next field, that is ‘No. of Units’.

Step 18: Enter no. unit for product. (based on the configuration setting activated by the client)  


Step 19: Click on checked or select Enter for next item.

Once all the products in an order are checked then system will be automatically navigated to Select Packing Material screen.

Step 20: Click on Add New Cartoon/Pallet under Add Selected Product to Cartoon/Pallet.


New section will appear to add new cartoon/pallet. Cursor will be automatically moved to Scan packaging. User can scan the packaging material or select packaging material from dropdown.


Step 21: Select material from drop down menu.

Customer Settings: If Customer has opted for auto assign packing material then packing material will be selected automatically.


Customer Settings: if customer has opted for auto calculation of weight, then Expected and Actual gross weight will be automatically populated.

After selecting appropriate packing material actual gross weight will be automatically calculated. 


And If user wants to print packing list and cartoon label, he/she need to check Print Packing List and Print Cartoon Label checkbox.

Step 22: Click on Add button.


Print option to Packing list and cartoon label will be populated.



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