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OMS New Release - 24th November 2021

We have made some changes in our OMS to enhance the Shopee experience. Please refer to the release note below to understand the same. 

Product Name

Anchanto OMS

Release Name

Shopee V2 Enhancements

Date of Release

24th November 2021



Based on Shopee V2 enhancements, we have made some changes in our OMS systems to map the price changes. 


This new release will help users carry out a seamless price mapping for Shopee orders.

Issue Summary

Price mapping for Shopee was having some discrepancies.


The interface for order calculation on the order right panel has been corrected. Changes were made to the ‘Sub-total’, and ‘Total Paid Amount by Buyer’ tabs. The correction includes addition of calculation of item-wise discounts.

End-User Impact

  • The effective prices that will be changed due to this release are Selling price and Paid price. There will be no impact of this change on item price. Item price is the original price of the item from Shopee.
  • The revised calculation in this change will now be effective in Seller Voucher amount & Platform Voucher. This has been verified with the discounted amount. Sellers can validate this based on the above logic.

Support Impacts

These changes are only made for Shopee V2 integration with OMS.

API Impacts

These changes will be effective on the following modules of OMS

  • User APIs
  • Order Reports
  • Sales Report 
  • Dashboard Calculation


These changes are in accordance with the Shopee V2 changes only and no other platform will be affected.


For more information /queries reach out to us through our email address:

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