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Launching of 7 New Self Service Option in OMS


We are thrilled to unveil a significant enhancement to the OMS (Order Management System) experience with the launch of seven new self-service options. These empowering features empower OMS users with a newfound capability to conduct seamless operations independently.

New Features

  1. Streamline Catalogue Management - Delete Catalogue Products (Click Here)

    Introducing a new OMS feature for seamless catalog management. Users can now easily delete unused or mistakenly created SKUs, ensuring an organized catalog aligned with business goals. This enhancement enables individual or bulk deletion of Channel SKUs, with added validation to prevent disruptions from deleting SKUs linked to existing orders. Enjoy a more efficient and streamlined catalog management experience in OMS.

  2. Efficient Product Listing: Attribute Sync for Seamless Catalogue Management in OMS (Click Here)

    We've introduced a convenient solution for users encountering incomplete category-specific attribute fields when attempting to list products on sales channels through the OMS catalogue. Now, users can seamlessly perform a synchronization of category attributes using the newly added "Sync Attribute" option, accessible on the Marketplace details page.

    This feature empowers users to force sync attribute lists for the chosen category and channels, allowing them to swiftly add product information and list items on sales channels without relying on Anchanto customer support, thereby expediting the listing process.

  3. Streamlined Warehouse Operations through the Shipping Label Status Feature (Click Here)

    We are excited to introduce a powerful feature aimed at improving order visibility and streamlining warehouse operations. With the new "Shipping Label Status" feature, users can now quickly identify orders for which shipping labels have been printed or not. This functionality offers a convenient way to filter and manage orders based on their shipping label status, facilitating a more efficient and organized order processing workflow in the warehouse. This enhancement empowers users to effortlessly track and handle orders, ensuring a smoother and more streamlined fulfillment process.

  4. Product Listing made flexible: Force Sync Your 'Listing in Progress' Products (Click Here)

    Exciting news in the world of OMS! We're thrilled to introduce a powerful enhancement – "Force Sync Listing in Progress Status Products." Now, users can take charge of their listing process by manually syncing products that are currently in the "Listing in Progress" status. Please read more about how to use this feature here

  5. Enhanced Warehouse control: Delete Warehouses in OMS for Multiwarehouse accounts (Click Here)

    Exciting news for OMS Multiwarehouse users! Now, you can have better control over warehouses in OMS and delete warehouses if required. We have also added some thoughtful safety nets. First off, if a warehouse is linked to any store, system will not allow deletion. Also, if you've got just one warehouse, no worries, it's protected from accidental deletions. Once you decide to delete a warehouse, it's a permanent decision – no turning back. Please read more about how to use this feature here.

  6. Empowering users of OMS: Seamless addition of warehouse addresses (Click Here)

    Now, users can independently add warehouse or seller pickup addresses directly through the OMS interface, eliminating the need for Anchanto support. This feature is available for both OMS non-multiwarehouse and multiwarehouse accounts, ensuring efficient and autonomous address management. The added addresses are seamlessly transmitted to connected 3PL partners if integrated with the OMS account, streamlining the order fulfillment process.

  7. Better Control Over Anchanto WMS Integrations (Click Here)

    The OMS user now possesses the capability to seamlessly disconnect and reconnect the Anchanto WMS with their OMS account. This valuable feature caters to the needs of sellers may need to update their WMS connection credentials due to expiration or during various system operations. This newfound flexibility ensures a smooth and efficient process for managing connectivity, allowing users to adapt to changes effortlessly and maintain uninterrupted system functionality.

Released Version:

  • Anchanto OM Version: V3 


We hope these features contribute to an effortless user experience for you.

In case of any queries, please reach out to us through any of our Helpline Channels.


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