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Anchanto OMS - Shopee Order Price Calculation Enhancements

To ensure a smooth experience for all our Shopee Sellers, we have made some changes to capture accurate pricing information on Anchanto OMS. The update will make certain corrections in capturing Shopee order pricing details and order calculation logic. 

These changes will take effect from 
17th February 2022, 8:30 pm (Singapore Time) on Anchanto OMS. 

These corrections will reflect on the Order Details Page, Order Export, Sales Report, Anchanto OMS Default, and Custom Invoice & APIs.

Here are the changes:

  • Order Export Report

  • Sales Report

  • Anchanto OMS (SelluSeller) APIs

In case you have your ERP, WMS, or any other system integrated with OMS and WMS, to get the Shopee order details from Anchanto OMS and WMS, then the required calculations need to be adopted in your integration. 

Note: For sellers, who have not integrated their systems with Anchanto OMS or WMS, no action is required.


1. Will these revisions impact me?

  • Yes, it may have an impact if you are using Anchanto OMS sales and order export, API’s to feed the details in your system such as ERP, Accounting tool, WMS then you may need to review the changes.
  • If you are not feeding these details into your financial systems then this will not have an impact. 

2. How will these revisions impact me?

  • We have corrected the field mapping with Shopee order price details and also revised the calculations

3. What are the kinds of corrections that have been made in Anchanto OMS?

  • For Orders Export Mapping: 
    • ‘Original Price’ has been changed to ‘Discounted Price’ 
    • ‘Model Discount Price’ has been changed to ‘Model Discount Price - Discount From Voucher Seller - Discount From Voucher Shopee - Discount from Coin’
    • ‘Voucher From Seller + Seller Discount’ has been changed to ‘Voucher From Seller’
    • ‘Original Cost of Goods’ has been changed to ‘Original Cost of Goods Sold - Voucher From Shopee’ 

  • For Sales Report Mapping - Order List: 
    • Original Cost of Good Sold + Buyer Paid Shipping Fee’ has been changed to ‘Original Cost of Goods Sold + Buyer Paid Shipping Fee - Voucher From Shopee’

  • For Sales Report Mapping - Order Details: 
    • Original Price’ has been changed to ‘Discounted Price’
    • ‘Model Discounted Price’ has been changed to ‘Model Discounted Price - Discount From Voucher Seller - Discount From Voucher Shopee - Discount From Coin’
    • ‘Voucher From Seller + Seller Discount’ has been changed to ‘Voucher From Seller’ 

4. What is it that I need to do based on the changes that have been made? 

  • No actions need to be taken on your end if you are not using Anchanto APIs or order and sales reports. 
  • However, if you are using APIs from Anchanto and order/sales reports to feed data in your system; then you must review the aforementioned changes to update your current system of logic.

5. Will this change impact other marketplaces apart from Shopee?

  • No, these changes only impact Shopee and not other marketplace orders.

6. What are the impacted API's and Webbooks (Callback events)

  • Impacted API's    




  • Impacted Callback Events:    

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