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OMS: Prohibited Products Report

This is report gives you the details of the SKUs that Prohibited on the said marketplace for listing.

How to generate the report:

Login into your SelluSeller account -> Go to Reports tab from the Left Pane -> Click on Generate Reports -> Click on New Report -> on the pop-up, select the Report Type -> Click on Generate Report to start generating the report.

Header Details and Definitions:


Product Name (Read only)Name of the item
Product CSKU (Read only)Catalog SKU
Product iSKU (Read only)Inventory SKU
Price CurrencyCurrency (e.g INR)
Old Price (Read only)Old price
New PriceNew price after the last product update
Old Selling Price (Read only)Old Selling Price
New Selling PriceNew Selling Price after the last update
Sale Start Date(DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS)Sale Start Date (in case the sku was in any campaign) 
Sale End Date(DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS)Sale End Date
Product Type (Read only)Single/group/KIT
Category (Read Only)Marketplace category (electronics>>phone>>Iphone)
Stock (Read Only)Current stock present for the item on SelluSeller
BrandBrand of the product
State (Read only)Current state of sku (live/delisted)
Marketplace Name (Read Only)Marketplace Name (Usually Marketplace and the country that Marketplace is in)
Marketplace Nickname (Read Only)Marketplace Nickname on SelluSeller (SMP Name)
SelluSeller Code (Read only)Unique code of the item on SelluSeller (which is taken from Marketplace at the time of 1st listing process)
Created AtProduct creation date and time
Last Updated AtProduct update date and time
Marketplace CodeProduct ID on the Marketplace

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