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WMS 3: Product Report

This report gives you the details of all the SKUs present on your SelluSeller account.

 We can use this report to find the discrepancies between the SKUs as well.

How to generate the report:

Login into your WMS 3.0 account -> Go to Reports module from the left pane -> you'll be under Reports Management -> Click on Create New Report -> Select the Report Name -> Select the Company for which you want to generate the report -> Enter Email ID's (Optional, enter the email id only in case you want to get the report sent directly to email address once generated) -> Select the fields that you wish to have in the report -> Click on Update Selection as Default if you wish to have the current field selection as default for future report generation -> Select the frequency of the report generation (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Adhoc) -> Select the format of the report -> Click on Create Report.

Header & Definitions:


WarehouseWarehouse Name
Company NameCompany Name
Product SKUSKU 
Product Name EnglishProduct Name in English
Product Name LocalProduct Name in Local language
Product CountryBase Country of product
In Hand QuantityTotal Usable Quantity
In Picking QuantityQuantity which is in Picking 
Buffer StockSafety Stock
Kit SKUPart of Kit Product
SupplierSupplier Name
Is Serialised InventoryThis is for IEMI Products
Product CategoryCategory of the Products
Base uomUnit of measure of the SKU
Product Dimensions UomDimension of UOM
Width (cm)Width
Product Dimensions TypeUnit of Dimension
ThresholdMinimum Stock Quantity
Cost priceCost Price of SKU
Selling priceSelling Price of SKU
Retail priceRetail Price of SKU
Tier TagsVariation Tags
Tier Min UnitsMin Unit of Variation
Tier Max UnitsMax Unit of Variation
Tier Unit Selling PricesSelling Price of Variation
Shelf LifeShelf Life of SKU
Image Upload Flag
Batch managementBatch management
Expiry managementExpiry management 

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