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WMS 3: Product Shelf Life Report

How to generate the report:

Login into your WMS 3.0 account -> Go to Reports module from the left pane -> you'll be under Reports Management -> Click on Create New Report -> Select the Report Name -> Select the Company for which you want to generate the report -> Enter Email ID's (Optional, enter the email id only in case you want to get the report sent directly to email address once generated) -> Select the fields that you wish to have in the report -> Click on Update Selection as Default if you wish to have the current field selection as default for future report generation -> Select the frequency of the report generation (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Adhoc) -> Select the format of the report -> Click on Create Report.

Header & Definitions:


Company NameName of the Customer
Product NameName of the product
SkuSKU code of the product
MfupcUPC / Product Barcode
Batch NumberBatch number if Batch Management enabled
Consignment NumberPO/ASN No.
Expiry Date (dd/mm/yyyy)Date of expiry
Days To ExpireNumber days left for expiration
QuantityQuantity of the product
ConditionWhether its Usable/Unusable
LocationIn which location the product is stored in the warehouse
Blocked_dateDate on which the product was blocked for purchase after the end of its shelf life
Usable Serial NoIt will show the product's IMEI number or unique serial number of usable condition picked product.
Unusable Serial NoIt will show the product's IMEI number or unique serial number of unusable condition picked product.

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